Achenbach-covers for conveyor belts
  • Aperture Systems by Achenbach

    Loop cover

    Resulting from long-term experience and to be opened from both sides With the option to open the conveyor cover from both sides, Achenbach developed an absolute best-selling product. Thousands of covers with this technology are in use worldwide and have proven to work perfectly in the practical application.

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    superTec EVO II

    Achenbach Metal Technology, manufacturer of the greatest variety in covers worldwide – has developed an all-rounder that fulfils perfectly the requirement of its customers for a simple and reliable option to open the cover from both sides: the superTec cover Evo II.

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    Top cover

    Cover design with a large maintenance flap: 2/3 as fixed standard cover, 1/3 as opening, covered with a cambered flap.

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    Cover with inspection opening

    Achenbach inspection cover with cambered flap Covers with inspection opening on one side or upon request on both sides, 400 x 400 mm*, provided with a cambered, fitted flap which is held by two stainless steel hinges on one side and two stainless steel retaining locks on the other side.

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    AES easy sliding cover

    The Achenbach-easy-sliding cover (AES-cover) offers another option to open our tried and tested conveyor covers. The AES easy sliding cover is fastened using two tightening straps type K-AES (with a clamping piece instead of a handle). The straps are guided over the cover and fastened to the supporting structure.

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    Our access-option TSC (Tube Swivel Cover) is designed for a round-tube supporting structure in the construction.

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    Viewing cover

    This cover design with a large opening enables constant control of conveyor system and conveyance material. As a 2/3 version of the standard cover, the position of the opening can be on one side (for 1 walkway) or alternating (for 2 walkways or land conveyors). Every second cover of the tunnel can be fitted with this option (Tightening strap fastening: Widths 600/684/912 mm).

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    Ventilation cover

    Conveyor cover with extended straight legs (g), which protrude over the two adjacent covers. The incoming air gives enhanced air circulation in the tunnel and helps to reduce the temperature of materials being conveyed. Extended straight sections (g) upon request.

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