Achenbach-covers for conveyor belts
  • AES easy sliding cover - ingenious and convenient

    The Achenbach-easy-sliding cover (AES-cover) offers another option to open our tried and tested conveyor covers. The AES easy sliding cover is fastened using two tightening straps type K-AES (with a clamping piece instead of a handle). The straps are guided over the cover and fastened to the supporting structure.

    With the easily installed cover, you can quickly inspect the conveyor system and the conveyance material. The cover halves which can be moved above the tunnel vertex using the handle are accommodated on the adjacent covers and can be moved in a track-like way by the sheet profiling. The pressure of the tightening straps ensures that the cover halves are held in any position. Therefore the size of the cover opening can be individually selected for a given width.

    Every other tunnel cover can be constructed in this design (overall width 684/912 mm for section 18/76/0.75; 600 mm for section 27/100/0.80, straight haunch max. 400 mm).

    AES-covers can only be used combined with the fastening system “Tightening strap Type K” and is not intended for slope conveyors.

    AES easy sliding cover:

    • Type I: one-side opening
    • Type II: two-side opening

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