Achenbach-covers for conveyor belts
  • superTec EVO II

    The ideal hinged cover - by Achenbach

    Achenbach Metal Technology, manufacturer of the greatest variety in covers worldwide – has developed an all-rounder that fulfils perfectly the requirement of its customers for a simple and reliable option to open the cover from both sides: the superTec-Haube Evo II.

    Other opening systems on the market require often an immense effort during assembly using up to 20 screws per cover. The SuperTec cover Evo II provides a clever solution by reducing the required amount of screws to 8, even if opening is requested on both sides. All add-on parts (including the big, easy-to-use handles) of this superTec-cover are made of stainless steel. No loose parts when opening, locking or closing.

    Using 4 small angle pieces made of galvanized rolled steel eliminate the need of additional T-profiles or angle pieces at the conveyor structure. The optional cover retainers made of stainless steel allow the superTec, as well as our top-seller, the LOOP-cover, to be locked safely when opened. This guarantees the simple and safe operation by only one person.

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