Achenbach-covers for conveyor belts
  • Type SK


    This method of fastening tensioning straps has been developed to cater for customers‘ requirements.

    It incorporates all the benefits of existing fastening methods. Application: L- or U- supports provided by the customer. Tensioning straps made completely from stainless steel are fastened on one side using screws; on the other side a handle is hooked into the (elongated) hole of the L- or the U-support (to be provided by the customer).

    Type S


    V2A tightening strap with V2A tension spring, galvanized tightening and suspension piece, as well as V2A fasteners.


    According to the building regulations, the building owner or his representative must provide a structural analysis of the system and therefore of the cover. Based on the DIN 1055 part 4, the planner must ensure adaptation to local conditions. We will be pleased to inform you about further fastening options.