Achenbach-covers for conveyor belts
  • Certified safety: Optimum protection for and conveyors and conveyance material

    The probably largest covers worldwide to cover conveyors are made by ACHENBACH in the mountains right to the Rhine. Being specialists of metal-working technology, we offer the impressive, giant-sized Jumbo-covers – as used in the RWE-power plant Hamm-Uentrop (right far side) – as well as the much more often installed standard covers. All these are designed to protect your conveyors and the conveyed materials in any season, climate and weather your plant could work in. ACHENBACH-covers are made of corrugated quality-steel sheets protected by two-sided hot-dip galvanization, if requested also with RAL-painted plastic coating, but can be delivered also in other materials for all normal conveyors from a belt-width of 300 mm on. Since we produce the metal covers in our own facilities, the company can tailor nearly any kind of corrugated sheet metal to adjust to your special requests and individual requirements.

    The ACHENBACH classic is the standard cover with eleven standardized measurements, which is suitable for every conveyor. To facilitate the inspection of your conveyor system, the covers can be removed at any point with only a few quick motions and reattached again easily. Every cover size is also available with several types of inspection and maintenance flaps or as quick-sliding cover (AES-cover, European patent).

    Another type of cover offered by ACHENBACH is the scheme arch cover. Scheme arch covers are arched roofs with a low pitch. Usually, the simple construction without straight haunches ensures sufficient protection for your conveyance materials. This system is available for all conveyor belt sizes. In particular combined with corrugated steel sheet sections of 27/100, it allows for large free spans.

    The ARENA-cover with its flat design offers a particular resistance against wind, which makes it an ideal choice for conveyors with superstructures as used for example in ship loaders. Cover are available for all belt sizes.

    Segment covers are set up with a tunnel permanently open to one side for easy access. Simple construction is ensured by the supporting structure on the open side. The whole length of the tunnel is designed in this way.

    Jumbo-covers are the simple and above all economical solution for the complete housing of conveyors and runways. They are self-supporting and allow for an easy and quick assembly. Complete housings facilitate the inspection and offer ideal protection for conveyor and conveyed material from external influence all over the year. This cover system, too, is available for all conveyor sizes.

    For frequent inspections, we recommend the cover version LOOP (Look/Opening). It offers rugged handles on both sides of the cover and integrated, short tightening straps. This facilitates assembling, opening and removing of the covers.

    Inspection covers with an opening on one side or on two sides (opening size 400 x 400 mm or optionally 600 x 600 mm) for permanent monitoring are covered with a cambered fitted flap. This is held by two stainless steel hinges on one side and two stainless steel retaining locks on the other side. An integrated wire mesh is available for protections against reaching into the conveyor.

    For the opening systems, we offer the easy sliding cover AES and also the cover variant TOP with even better access for maintenance. It is available as a fix part in a 2/3-version of the standard cover or with a 1/3-aperture, covered with a cambered flap.

    Our access-option TSC (Tube Swivel Cover) is designed for a round-tube supporting structure in the construction.
    The covers are built with two tubular frames on one side which act as hinges. On the side of the walkway, the covers can be fastened with a short, integrated tightening strap (similar to the LOOP-system) or in a the simple variant using a hook bolt.

    Optionally, we can provide you with retainers for safely locking the opened TSC-cover.

    Viewing covers with their large openings allow for permanent monitoring of conveyor and material. For the 2/3-version of the standard cover, the position of the opening can be on one side (for one walkway) or alternating (for two walkways or conveyors). Every second cover of the tunnel can be constructed in this version (for standard fastening: Widths 600/684/912 mm).

    The ventilation cover with extended straight legs (g) protrudes over the two adjacent covers to allow for a better air circulation in the tunnel which reduces the temperature of the conveyance material. Extended straight legs (g) upon request.

    ACHENBACH also provides solutions for the increased demand for lower chord cladding – as protection against weathering or the prevention of accidents. This lower chord claddings are made of folded flat sheets or corrugated/trapezoidal sheets with horizontal corrugations and come with handles for easy handling and elongated holes for troublefree fastening. We also offer solutions for housing, e.g. covering in parallel to the lower chord.

    Companies operating plants and installations are required more often than ever to focus on reducing the emission of noise. ACHENBACH met these demands designing the cover system AKUTHERM. It consists of one single shell or multiple shells. Independent measurements of these covers with different materials, profiles and variants showed, that they can reduce the sound level by up to 15 dB/A (single shell) respectively 18 dB/A (multi shell).

    Different types of cover fastening and the distribution of Organit hooded covers made of rigid PVC for special fields of application complete the product portfolio of the cover specialist. ACHENBACH started to construct PVC-Organit covers, because different sectors of industry demanded alternatives to the existing metal systems due to legal requirements. In particular, plants used in the food, sugar, chemical, potash and salt processing industry rely heavily on covers made of Organit-PVC. 

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