Achenbach-covers for conveyor belts
  • Protection Cover by Achenbach

    Standard cover

    The classic Achenbach design. Available in 11 standard sizes for each conveyor belt type. Usually available from stock.

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    Scheme arch cover

    Simple form with great effect. This type of conveyor cover is an arched roof with a low pitch. Basically, the simple construction without straight haunches ensures sufficient protection of conveyance materials.

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    Elliptical head cover

    With its flat design, it is ideally suitable for conveyor belts with superstructures, e.g., loaders for vessels. Available in any cover size and any width.

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    AFlex system

    The AFlex system (Achenbach flexible cover system) has been designed to comply with customers‘ requirements: Each cover can be opened from either side, with no requirement for a supporting structure for the cover (AFlex TOP).

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    Segment cover

    With this design, the tunnel is open on one side to ensure easy access. Simple installation is ensured by the supporting structure on the open side (to be provided by the customer). The complete tunnel is designed with one side open.

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    Jumbo cover

    The simple and above all low cost solution for the complete housing of conveyor belts and walkways.

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