Achenbach-covers for conveyor belts
  • Sections

    Achenbach covers which are well-proven all over the world are made from high-grade corrugated steel sheet, galvanized on both sides, for all conventional conveyor belt widths from 300 mm upwards. Achenbach is the world‘s only manufacturer to produce cambered covers in the following four sections. To the customer, this means that the optimum value for money cover to suit your specifi c application may be selected in high grade galvanized steel, aluminium or stainless steel or, as an option, in the RAL colour of your choice.

    Sections and structural analysis by Achenbach on request.

    •  Extremely rugged
    •  Easy handling
    •  Troublefree disposal (steel recycling)
    •  Not harmful to environment
    •  Good value for money
    • Self-supporting (no need for a supporting structure)
    •  Non-flammable
    •  Break-proof
    •  Maintenance-free for many years

    Export section 18/76/0.75

    Of course all covers are also available in our export section 18/76/0.75.


    • Smaller export sections
    • Suitable for smaller covers
    • 2 overall widths/useful lengths:
    • 836 mm: convenient installation, for bent and inclined conveyors
    • 1064 mm: the increased useful length makes it appropriate for straight conveyors
    • Please note: Unless otherwise specified, we will supply 1064 mm

    Section 27/100/0.80

    Our corrugated steel sheet section 27/100/0.80 is particularly rugged and resistant to high loads.


    • Classical cover section
    • Suitable for nearly all applications
    • Convenient installation, excellently suited to bent and inclined conveyors
    • Please note: Unless otherwise specified, we will supply the proven 27/100 section

    Jumbo section 27/111

    Optimum complement to cover section 27/100 with an increased useful length.


    • Exclusive section
    • Centre distance (m) = number of covers (items)
    • e.g. for Jumbo covers

    Special section 42/160

    The appropriate design for extremely high loads.


    • Special section
    • For large Jumbo covers
    • For large, free-span scheme arch covers

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