Achenbach-covers for conveyor belts
  • Organit Rigid PVC Hooded Covers

    Chemically resistant + maintenance free

    For decades, Achenbach is a renowned manufacturer of conveyor covers made of metal. We completed our diverse portfolio expanding on the market of plastic made Organit-covers. Different sectors of industry require alternatives to the metal systems due to legally prescribed conditions. In particular, plant for the food, sugar, chemical, potash and salt industries are dependent upon hooded covers made of Organit plastics. The corrosion resistant hoods reliably protect conveyor belt, roller bearings and the material conveyed against the weather. They can be easily removed at any location so that the conveyor belt can be inspected and then replaced. 

    IMPORTANT NOTICE for storage and handling. 
    The rigid PVC made Organit covers in stacks/bundles must not be exposed to solar radiation. Transport and storage only with the sun protection cardboard on top of the stacks/bundles: Do not put on heated surfaces!

    No.Belt width in mm  aFrame width in mm bRadius in mm rHood weight kg ca.Fastenings required per hood*Weight of the fastenings per hood kg approx.
    14007003503,6each 1 SB / hood0,5Straight sections g = 200 mm
    25008004004,0each 1 SB / hood0,5
    36509504754,5each 1 SB / hood0,5SB = tightening strap
    480011505755,3each 2 SB / hood1,0
    5100013506756,0each 2 UB / hood7,4UB = support bracket
    6120016008007,0each 2 UB / hood7,6
    7140018009007,7each 2 UB / hood7,7
    Spec2400120010each 2 UB / hood
    *plus 1 piece of fastening per belt for the beginning/end of the tunnel
    Organit hooded conveyor belt covers made of natural transparent rigid PVC in the sheet piling section 70/18 have the following characteristics:
    • ƒƒHardly inflammable DIN 4102
    • ƒƒImpact resitant DIN 7748
    • ƒƒChemically resistant DIN 16929
    • ƒƒMaintenance free
    • ƒƒLow weight
    • ƒƒConvenient handling

    Fastenings for covers No. 5 to Spec Type UB (support bracket)

    For covers No. 5 to Spec. galvanized or stainless steel support brackets with galv./V2A fasteners.

    The bearing at the basis of the Organit-covers consists of continuous steel profiles in the construction which keep the cover in a stable position.

    We resolve your cover-problems.
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