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Our product range 

Covers from ACHENBACH
with opening options allow constant control of the goods.

Top cover Type A

Ideal for checking.
Cover design with a large maintenance flap: 2/3 as fixed standard cover,
1/3 as opening, covered with a cambered flap.

Type A with removable flap, fastened on top with two quick-release locks made from stainless steel (cap lock), with two vertically offset stainless steel handles to remove the flap.


Top cover Type B

Type B can be opened to the top and is fastened on top using two stainless steel hinges with a stainless steel handle to open the flap (overall width 600/684/912 mm).


Achenbach inspection cover with cambered flap

Covers with inspection opening on one side or upon request on both sides, 400 x 400 mm*, provided with a cambered, fitted flap which is held by two stainless steel hinges on one side and two stainless steel retaining locks on the other side.

* optionally 600 x 600 mm or 700 x 700 mm with large flap


AES easy sliding cover

Ingenious and convenient.

The Achenbach-easy-sliding cover (AES-cover) offers another option to open our tried and tested conveyor covers. The AES easy sliding cover is fastened using two tightening straps type K-AES (with a clamping piece instead of a handle). The straps are guided over the cover and fastened to the supporting structure.
With the easily installed cover, you can quickly inspect the conveyor system and the conveyance material. The cover halves which can be moved above the tunnel vertex using the handle are accommodated on the adjacent covers and can be moved in a track-like way by the sheet profiling. The pressure of the tightening straps ensures that the cover halves are held in any position. Therefore the size of the cover opening can be individually selected for a given width.

Every other tunnel cover can be constructed in this design (overall width 684/912 mm for section 18/76/0.75; 600 mm for section 27/100/0.80, straight haunch max. 400 mm).
AES-covers can only be used combined with the fastening system “Tightening strap Type K” and is not intended for slope conveyors.

AES easy sliding cover:

  • Type I: one-side opening

  • Type II: two-side opening


Segment cover

Great insights.

With this design, the tunnel is open on one side to ensure easy access. Simple installation is ensured by the supporting structure on the open side (to be provided by the customer). The complete tunnel is designed with one side open. 

We manufacture to your specification.

For this we need:

  • dimension g1
  • dimension g2
  • angular dimension
  • radius


roughTec cover

Even for rough conditions.
Hood with one- or two-sided opening possibility. Including 2 solid stainless steel hooks which are screwed to the two adjacent hoods and 2 special handles made of stainless steel, which are locked firmly in the hook.

Note: For usage with gallery belts, the flaps should be protected against falling. Please order our optional flap protectors separately.


  •     Easy handling of the flap even in extremely dusty environments
  •     Particularly stable and solid design
  •     Proven in years of use in rough power plantenvironments